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Participate by coming to an event. All veterans and their families are welcome free of charge. Space, instructors, materials, tools, and whatever else we need to host an event will be given to participants. Please register through our website so we can ensure the proper resources are available.

Volunteer as a mentor or for an event. We need your help in order to continue what we are doing and to do more!

Tire Change Over
Metal Fabrication Course

Second Saturday of the Month

Cybersecurity in the Home

We have completed our Connect Vets Skills Center and are looking at starting to hold events in the Summer of 2021. Our model is what every military member is familiar with on most DoD bases, the Skills Center or Hobby Shop. We need a few things to finish it and start hosting daily and weekly events, so if you have time, money, or materials please think about donating them.

Everyone has a skill, trade, hobby, job, etc. Maybe you have been helped to get to where you are at. You want to give back, Vets helping Vets, but are not sure how. Connect Vets would like to speak with you about becoming an instructor or mentor with us.

We are looking at connecting veterans to local business owners who want to hire them for vocational positions they have open. We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor or facilitate an event at the skills center to promote your industry and business. 

You have stuff. Lots of it. Just sitting around. Stuff veterans can use to learn a skill. Maybe tools or materials like parts, wood, metal, fluids. Consider donating them to Connect Vets. We will get them into veterans hands and equipment so that they can thrive.


Connect Vets is looking for donations such as:

- Material for courses (metal,, gas, wood, etc.)

- Tools (automotive, fabrication, construction)

- Instructors

- Event space

- Monetary donations

We are not accepting furniture or clothing at this time (no room to store it). 

If you have something please contact us at or use the button below.

  • Cybersecurity in the Home
    Cybersecurity in the Home
    Time TBD
    Location TBD
    Time TBD
    Location TBD
    Do you have a mobile device? A data network, modem, or wireless network at home? Come learn about them from some subject matter experts. This course will focus on individual information security with topics such as password managers, online personas, mobile apps, and network security devices.
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