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We are registered with Guidestar, Paypal Giving Fund, Ebay for Charity, Amazon Smile, GoFundMe. There are many ways to donate to us like adding us to your Amazon Smile or Ebay account so a portion of your purchases or sold item goes directly to Connect Vets.





Benevolence Need:

Update: Great news! He has found work and is slowly getting back on his feet. We helped him get his vehicle running better (regular maintenance) but to get it safe for the winter he needs better tires (265/70r17 all season preferred) and brakes. We are looking to fundraise $400 for him.
We have a veteran that needs a work. He worked this summer in a temporary position that ended and more recently at the Fair. We can supply a resume. We have helped him find lodging for the winter, care for his dogs, and cared for his immediate needs. 

New Benevolence Need:

There is an Air Force Vietnam Veteran in Willow that needs a ramp built so he can leave his house. He served in the Pacific from 1960-1964 with the Provost Marshall in Guam. His wife is in assisted living, his son is deceased and daughter is trying to recover form a stroke. So they don't have anyone to help them or much to offer. But we can rally around this Vet who served us and needs his community to continue living a healthy lifestyle. We are raising $400 for this effort but taking materials like treated lumber as well.

Benevolence Need:

A Veteran needs two pay two months of back rent and bills ($1600) and is willing to work as a day laborer. He was a 19K (Tanker) for 17 years in Germany and moved to Wasilla a year ago. He was honorably discharged and has a service connected disability. We have all been down on our luck before, and this Veteran could really use our help to show him how much our community cares for Veterans. Please donate to this need.

Benevolence Need:

Update: We were able to purchase a Ford E450 Shuttle for this family. We took it to our friends at Alaska Complete Auto Car for an overall inspection and the prognosis is good! All it needs is new batteries and front brakes. The total is $1065 to get this vehicle safe and reliable. Please help us pay for these safety issues :) And thank you for your prayers and donations.
A Gold Star family is in need of transportation for that seats 9. 4 boys, 3 of them have special needs. The widow and her mother are both in electric wheelchairs. We are looking for a mini-bus, shuttle, Sprinter, or Ford Transit wagon. An accessibility ramp for the wheelchairs is a bonus, or if you can help us find one for us to install. The current price of a vehicle that meets their need (on Craigslist) is about $10,000. This is a big ask and seemingly daunting, but we God is bigger and their families sacrifice is as well. Please donate to help us fill their need.

Benevolence Need:

Update: The work party in August was a huge success because of the help from Global Missions and the Travis Manion Foundation. But we had a stoppage to work because the foundation needs repair; it is unlevel by 4 inches. We need help fixing this before we can finish the drywall and interior. Please donate time, money, or resources to help with this.
A Gold Star Mom had a water leak in her upstairs bathroom which turned into a complete disaster forcing her out of her home for 9 weeks. The repairs are still not complete and she has run out of money. Her son is able to help work on the house when he is able, but travels for his job. I wont sugar coat it, this is a large job. She was quoted $59,100 by a contractor for the repairs. The water damage spread to the kitchen, dining room, downstairs bathroom, and laundry room. We need materials and laborers as much as money. She could use help finishing plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, siding, and finish carpentry. Please pray and consider donating whatever you can for this Palmer family that has given our community so much!
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